Thursday, April 23, 2009

Digi Dare #129


"For this week’s challenge, I want you to create your very own Best and Worst award list. The topic can be anything you want: best and worst movies, vacations, things about being a parent…feel free to get creative! The only requirement is that you include YOUR perspective. If you’d like to get someone else’s perspective to compare, I’m totally for that but this page is first and foremost about you."

Dare Flair:

• You must include at least 10 items in your list: 5 Bests and 5 Worsts. • Each of the 10 answers must be contained within it’s own separate space - think journaling blocks, strips, charts…get creative! • You must include at least one warm color (reds, oranges, yellows), one cool color (blues, greens, purples) and one neutral (black, white, kraft) on your page.

Well, it's not the most exciting page I've ever made, but I think it gets the point across. When I was thinking about Earth Day I was trying to think of all the things we do well and not so well in reference to taking care of the environment. We try pretty hard.

The elements in this kit are partially from the mini kit, partially from the full kit (that I haven't finished yet) and partly from other random places. I realized when making this that I really need to work on journal spots. I haven't made many of my own yet.

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