Sunday, May 24, 2009

Memorial Day Mini Kit

No matter how you feel about the current military situation or what the state of your patriotism is, you can still take time to remember what Memorial Day is for: remembering those who died to protect us.

I was really moved yesterday when my kids and I bought some poppies from a group of veterans. I'm used to being around veterans, in fact many of them now work with us in the civilian sector. And I know from friends of retirees that sometimes veterans are a little bit forgotten. When the man handed me the flower he said "Thanks for supporting us." In that moment I felt really humbled. I kind of stammered and said, "Thank YOU for supporting US." It sounded so stupid but it was all I could muster.

This kit is a small tribute to those who have fought to protect human life and the right to freedom. And it can be yours to scrap your Memorial Day memories if you spend $5 or more in any of my shops by May 31st. In order to claim your freebie just email me with proof of your purchase from KD Designs and I will email you instructions on how to download. It's that easy. You can find KD Designs products in these three locations:

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