Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Broken Links

Ok guys, I'm getting lots of comments about broken links. I can see in 4shared that I've gotten LOTS of downloads of the first two days, and I tested them to make sure they would download. So I think it must be a 4shared problem based on how you are describing what's happening. So I would ask that you keep trying, and maybe give me a suggestion of what download sites you have had the best luck with. Maybe I need to have another option... So, hoping to hear from you and thanks for being patient! I'm glad so many of you are interested in this little project! :)


  1. Iwas able to download from 4shared but it really is giving problems this past while. Many sites are using and Mediafire now. I like :)

  2. Hi, can you repost day 1 on or Mediafire? Pretty please.... :-)

    I have tried several times with 4 Shared and it's just not being successful. Everything else downloads fine.